About This Blog

Uncensored America is a blog dedicated to the random stupidity that escapes the mouthes of an unchecked nation.

In a country where freedom of speech is a right, and not the privilege it should perhaps be, we suffer daily at the mouths of our fellow citizens. Each individual post of this blog will be dedicated to the most outlandish, unintelligent or down-right idiotic statement that I, the author, hear uttered each day.

Uncensored will be a no-holds-barred view at the American population and it's amazing ability to say exactly what they mean, because they have no idea what they're saying.

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Uncensored America is designed for entertainment purposes only. The names and identities of person(s) of interest contained in this blog have been changed to the best ability of the author to protect their rights. This is not a news site. Uncensored America may feature posts regarding topics of current events, controversy, and random speculation. Wherever possible, Uncensored America will link to external sites and do it's best to ensure that posted information is accurate. However, this blog does not purport to be anything more than the rambling opinions of the author.