Friday, February 25, 2011

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

As far back as yesterday, I posted that I wasn't interested in taking suggestions for this blog, that I wouldn't post polls, and that I would continue writing this blog even if readership dipped to zero.

After some reevaluation, I have decided a few things.

1. I found that taking a suggestion based off a stupid statement that someone else heard to be one of my favorite blogs to write. As much stupidity as I am exposed to personally, I was intrigued to write about something stupid that someone else had been exposed to. So, I will now gladly accept ideas from readers based upon the blurbs of idiocy that they have suffered through. I only ask that your suggestions be factual and detail oriented.

2. I have placed a poll on the blog. With readership continuing to grow, I'm getting tired of advising of new posts on my own facebook page. I'm curious what you think of Uncensored having it's own facebook to update you on new posts.

3. I'm changing up the format a bit and omitting the 'Most Intelligent Quote of the Day'. While I initially like having a two part blog that compared stupidity to intelligence, I am finding it harder and harder to segway between these segments and close the posts in a sensical manner. I want to continue blogging in a daily fashion, as well. And the two-parters have become a bit taxing. I'd rather continue with a well written diatribe regarding one subject, then half-ass a longer blog.

4. I'd love input. The problem with devoting a blog to the idiotic statements that people make daily is that; people are afraid to comment on the blog for fear of being the next topic. Guys... I'm not looking to beat down on my readers, okay? I already have to suffer through my girlfriend wandering about our apartment stating; "That isn't going to be in the blog, is it?"

"No honey. I like sex. Anything you say is free and clear."

I also like having readers. So, anything posted here is free and clear.

5. As those of you with slow internet connections can attest, no doubt in a string of curses that would leave George Carlin blushing, I love images. If you guys have a pic that would look good on the blog, or would make a great topic, send that fucker over. (Simmer down Art Penelli...)

I like this blog. I've stuck with it longer than I've stuck with most internet projects I've been involved with. I'd like to continue Uncensored America, but in a fashion that pleases both me and you. 

Now, excuse me, but the last beer of the night doth call to me. It says; Lo, there do I see my people, and they do call to me. To drink. And to be drunk....

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  1. Nice. Yes to input, yes to pics, yes to polls, and definately yes to beer. And I am all for Uncensored having its' own facebook page- the blog is you, but you are not the blog...if you get what I mean. Plus, I like the idea of saying I "like" Uncensored. It gives something...makes it seem larger. Anyway, back to beer.