Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Throne of Power!!!

"Do you know what it will take to resolve all the unrest in the Middle East?"

No. And, actually, you don't either. Thats why we're both standing in the kitchen of a restaurant preparing food that neither one of us could afford to order due to the meager wages we earn because of a lack of a further education...

If there is anything worse than an armchair quarterback, it's an armchair politician. Reading the headlines of the World Section of your local newspaper and tuning into 15 minutes of CNN while drinking your coffee in the morning does not make you an expert on all matters global, political and otherwise newsworthy. Regurgitating information that you gathered from your lazyboy recliner and lacing it with your own slack jawed opinions does not make you look intelligent. It makes you look a pompous, mouth breathing moron.

First of all, if Jesus Christ couldn't resolve the upheavel in the Middle East during his tenure on earth, I suspect you won't have much success. Second of all, I don't care. If I wanted a weekly world update, I would go home at night and watch the news instead of killing a six pack while watching action flicks. Third, anyone that is willing to engage you in this conversation likely has distinctly differing opinions and is looking for an outlet for their own self important validations.

America is a country full of opinionated spectators that could all do a better job at everything from coaching a professional football team to running the country. Just ask them.

Following Pittsburgh's loss in the Super Bowl, I was assualted with a barrage of critiques on every player, coach and play that took place. My coworkers spent days assessing where everything went wrong and what should have taken place. Apparently, ESPN can draw it's next batch of analysists from Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Its pretty easy to postulate, and to pontificate, from the comfort of the sidelines and your reclinable soapbox. Which is exactly where that particular trash talking needs to be confined to.

Whatever happened to that old adage; don't discuss religion, politics and sex?

Personally, I freely admit to my ignorance in World News and Politics. The subject holds all the interest and appeal to me as hardcore gangsta rap. Now, before you go and accuse me of being apathetic, lazy, or idiotic, allow me to ask you a serious question. Do any of you really believe that even the most informed person on the planet, is anything more than misinformed?

Not to get off on a tangent about government conspiracies here, but do you ever think you're going to know everything about any pie America has it's fingers in? For every truth you're told, will you be able to sort it out from the five untruths that have supplemented it? How many bullets does it take to kill a President in Texas? The world may never know...

Ignorance is bliss, my friends.

Most Intelligent Statement of the Day?

"I'm not even sure if I have a ride home from work tonight."

Yes, I'm dead serious on this one.

While it may seem fairly idiotic to arrive at work, unsure of how you're going to get home... In a country whose work ethic needs a serious injection of Viagra, I salute your lack of forethought.

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