Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everyone Hates a Spitter

Today's Statement of Absolute Idiocy is brought to you by: The FDA, The ADA, and your elected government. You can find it on the back of your tube of toothpaste.

"Warning: if more than used for brushing is swallowed, contact a poison control center and seek medical attention immediately."

I've read this every morning for as long as I can remember, and right about last week, it finally occurred to me to ask myself... What the fuck am I putting in my mouth three times a day that has the potential to poison me?

The answer is Flouride.

Wait, you're probably asking, doesn't the government pump flouride into our water?

They do. Actually, they've been doing it since about 1945. And they've been doing it since then without bothering to ask themselves if they should. Read This.

So, for about 70 years, the government has been pumping our water supply full of flouride. The ADA has only put it's stamp of approval on toothpastes containing flouride. And, the FDA has been refusing to test a substance it approved as a benefit to humanity around the time it also claimed that cigarette smoking seemed to have no link to lung cancer.

What is this shit? It turns out that flouride is a naturally occurring substance. It can already be found in most drinking water and in some of the foods we eat. It has the benefit of preventing tooth decay.

Sounds good, right? It probably was at one point.

Enter big brother.

Somewhere around 1945, the government found itself with a mysteriously large surplus of flouride (right about the time they started finding themselves with a huge surplus of other wonderful unknown bi-products of nuclear testing). Realizing that flouride had a known benefit, they decided to start putting it into the water supply of the American populace. Of course, being that our government had just led us to a huge victory in WWII and that the economy was at the highest point it had seen since the founding of our country... there seemed to be little concern that the FDA had done a lick 'em and stick 'em seal of approval on this shit. It was an era of trust and willing naivety.

God love the economy. All it takes is for us to feel the pinch before we finally start asking questions. I wonder if the government will ever figure out that all they need to do is keep us from feeling financially strained in order to keep the majority of us from trying to look behind the curtain and see the man running the show?

Eventually, people did start to question the long term effects of flouride being pumped into their water supply without consent. And here is what independent research studies found.

To promote fairness, here is a testimony from a Mom/Dentist that says different. And you can trust her, because, she isn't just a dentist, but a mom too. Because, you know... moms never harm their kids. coughAndreaYatescough...

So, how much flouride is bad for you? No one on either side seems to know. An overexposure can result in arthitis, bone deformation, and flourosis poisoning. Flouride is suspected of being linked to bone cancer in males under puberty. Too much flouride can cause retardation, autism, and a myriad of other illnesses that keep parents awake with worry at night.

Of course, no need to worry. After all, it's FDA approved, he intones with dripping sarcasm. A good friend recently said something to me along the lines of: "You know, when I was growing up, the FDA was painted as the Mister Roger's Neighborhood of the government." I recall thinking that too. Turns out that these mother fuckers are more like the kids on South Park.

I start to wonder about how many times I've went out of my way to buy my kids toothpaste that tastes good, to encourage them to brush better? Maybe I should be looking for the dog shit flavored tube, to encourage them to spit that foul shit out.

I guess what bothers me is; for almost 70 years, we have allowed the government to medicate us via our water supply and we haven't risen up and said "Uh...no thanks, Jack." What's next? Obama decides we're all a too bit high strung and pumps another FDA approved medication in to the water supply? "Some thorazine will chill these homeys the fuck out."

That couldn't happen, you're saying. Maybe. Maybe not. But, ask yourselves, how many of you have ever questioned flouride being added to your water? You assume it is beneficial, but even if it were... Since when is it okay for the government to force us to ingest anything without our consent? Beneficial or not?

Let's all just drink the kool-aid while we're at it.

Way back in my first blog here, I stated that a coworker had semi-inspired America Uncensored by using the word retardeder. I once stated that the same kid should drink the kool-aid and then asked him his favorite flavor. His response? Red. Because, friends and neighbors, red is clearly a flavor...

In the end, I'd be more concerned if I was drinking tap water. But, the only water I generally drink is either filtered through coffee or infused with hops and barley. I'd look for a flouride free toothpaste, but I doubt I'll find one that isn't priced at three times what I pay for a regular tube. Maybe I'll switch to this...

It may not give me a brighter smile, but it sure will put one on my face every morning...

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